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Key Stage 2 SATs Booster




Small group sessions

Year 6

2 hours

£100 per month

1 session per week

Year 6 children will sit tests in grammar, punctuation, spelling, reading and maths.


These tests are used to determine how your child had progressed and how they are performing compared with other children nationally. There is not currently a Writing test, however, your child’s writing is teacher assessed from pieces of writing they have produced in school.


The KS2 SATs booster covers curriculum content for the National Curriculum tests your child will sit.  ​


KS2 SATs booster is a weekly 2 hour session in which children will be prepared for the Key stage 2 National Curriculum Assessments.


Each session is split into sections that will cover:


Reading: We will teach students strategies to answer a plethora of questions from the range of content domains they will be assessed on. 


Spelling, Punctuation & Grammar (SPaG): Students will work though spelling, punctuation and grammar curriculum objectives and have regular exposure to types of SPaG questions they will encounter on their test.


Mathematics: Students will work on curriculum objectives, learning strategies to answer arithmetic and reasoning questions. The tests  currently consist of 2 reasoning papers and an arithmetic paper.


We do offer a separate writing booster if required.

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