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11+ Booster




Small group sessions

Years 4 & 5

2 hours

£100 per month

1 session per week

11+ Sessions take place:

Tuesdays 6pm-8pm

Thursday 4pm-6pm

The 11+ booster is a class for children who want to sit the GL 11+ test or for children who are working at greater depth and enjoy being challenged. This class is suitable for children who are dipping into greater depth work in their year group. Verbal reasoning, non-verbal reasoning and maths are taught and pupils will learn a range of strategies to answer questions. The material students are exposed to will put them ahead of the curve in their year group and will contribute towards SATs as well as 11+ preparation. Children are taught the important skills of comprehension, vocabulary building and manipulating numbers and making links in maths. These transferable skills are highly valuable as your child progresses through school.

It is important to view this booster as a positive investment to your child’s overall education and not used for the sole purpose of getting your child through the 11+ exam. A vast amount of children take the 11+ test each year and classes do not guarantee places.


Please note that if you are applying for an independent school or a school that uses the Common Entrance exam, you may wish to choose an additional writing booster since writing is not included in the 11+ booster.

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